Positano, Italy.
This small town seems to be created for lovers of Mediterranean romance. Positano is located between the mountain range and the Amalfi coast of the Tyrrhenian Sea. Houses of all colors of the rainbow on the mountain slopes are huddled together here, making up a delightful panorama. It is not surprising that many poets, artists, and other artists have always aspired to Positano. This place has a rich history, dating back to the time of the Roman Empire, and the name itself suggests that its founder was none other than Poseidon — the deity of the sea element. Here you will always find peace, romance, the gentle sea and the spirit of the old Italian city.
Aphrodite Bay, Cyprus.
The huge stones lying near the local shores are not just stones. These stones were thrown there by the hero Digenis to plunge the enemy ships into the sea. Therefore, officially this place is called Petra tou romiou — “The Stone of the Greek”. But legend has it that it was here that the goddess of love Aphrodite came out of the sea to the shore in ancient times. There is also a grotto where she took baths, preparing for dates. Today, however, it is not allowed to swim in the grotto itself — not everyone can be deities of beauty. However, no one canceled the beauty of the bay and the purity of the sea waters, according to legend, concealing the secret of eternal youth. A couple who have bathed here will never part, and if the lovers tie a handkerchief or beads on the branches of nearby trees at the same time and make wishes, they will come true. In general, a complete lack of a scientific approach to life and pure concentrated romance.
Wall “I love you”, France.
This unusual wall is located in the Parisian highlands, in the square Jean-Ristus in Montmartre. It is a panel of 511 tiles, on which the phrase “I love you” is written in 311 languages of the world — almost all, including the language of the blind and deaf-mute. This monument of love was created in 2000, and the idea belongs to the French chansonnier Frederic Baron, an adherent of a fun hobby. Traveling to different countries, he collected the phrase “I love you”: he asked the locals to write it in their own notebook. Despite the fact that the monument is quite young, it has already become a landmark for the whole of France, where love has always been an unshakable greatest value. The area where the wall is located was and remains one of the centers of French bohemia.
Palau Islands.
The Palau Islands are located in the Pacific Ocean, east of the Philippines. In this archipelago of rare beauty, all construction is prohibited to preserve the natural beauty. However, long ago, before the beginning of our era, such prohibitions did not exist. Therefore, today you can admire the most ancient pyramids, terraces, the remains of palaces and rock inscriptions. All this is surrounded by pristine nature that makes your holiday on the islands unforgettable: coconut palms, exotic flowers, the purest sea water, coral reefs. And there are animals that are not found anywhere else in the world. How long ago, for example, did you last see a tangerine fish or a fruit bat? And the orange jellyfish that live in Jellyfish Lake lost their protective functions many years ago — they can’t sting, they can be picked up without fear.
Grand Canal, Venice.
The famous S-shaped canal cuts in half, perhaps the most romantic city in the world. A water ride on a gondola, water taxi or river tram – vaporetto will be remembered for a long time. The best time for such a walk is the beginning of sunset, when the sun’s rays will shine through the graceful curves of the ancient buildings, gradually drowning their glare in the waves astern. To the sounds of the gondolier’s evening song, you will forget about everything, plunging into the unique Venetian atmosphere with its luxurious palaces, where chic balls thundered and intrigues were woven, small streets, colorful Venetian masks on carnival days, and quiet channels lit by torchlight.
Verdon Gorge, France.
One of the most beautiful places in France is considered to be the Verdon Gorge, which is located near Provence. The view of the steep white slopes, covered with lush green vegetation, between which the rapid flow of the blue water of the Verdon River rushes, is amazing. This is not only one of the most beautiful, but also the longest and deepest gorge in France. You can walk along the numerous hiking trails leading to the very height of the rocks, where you can enjoy the best views, and you can do mountaineering, very common in these places. Interestingly, the current Provence was once a sea, densely populated with marine organisms, over time turned into limestone. The Verdon River much later washed its course through its layers, forming a gorge. So many of its sheer cliffs were once living things. Perhaps this is the secret of its enchanting beauty.
Isle of Skye, Scotland.
Scottish romance is breezy and cool, imbued with the spirit of ancient legends and accompanied by the melody of bagpipes coming from distant shores. You can fully experience it on the Island of Skye — the largest of the Inner Hebrides. On high rocky shores covered with green grass, among huge stones, the sea wind whispers legends about knights who fought with dragons, and about beautiful princesses who successfully motivated them to do so. Ancient grey castles on the Scottish shores will reveal the secrets of centuries-old legends and let you into the world of ancient fairy tales. There is also the Neit Point Lighthouse, which is called the lighthouse at the end of the earth. The wishes made near it, according to local residents, tend to come true, so do not miss the opportunity. Well, if you get too cold on the cold shores, in the nearest tavern you can easily warm up a good portion of real Scotch whiskey.
Fraser Island, Australia.
This island is a place of unique natural beauty and one of the best places for a romantic beach holiday. Here is one of the largest beaches on the planet, which, according to the most conservative estimates, is about 800 thousand years old. A wonderful tropical forest grows right out of the sand, there is no such thing anywhere else in the world. During the day, it is good to do active sports, but with the first rays of sunset, you will understand why this place is considered one of the most romantic on earth. Illuminated by the bright light of the setting sun, Fraser Island is able to melt the icy heart of any unapproachable beauty. Well, or make a loving heart even a little warmer.
Hachiko Monument, Japan.
The monument to this notorious dog has become one of the favorite places for dating in Tokyo for a reason. The point here is that the memorial is set not just to the animal, but also to its fantastic devotion. 10 years after the death of the owner, the faithful dog came every day to the place where he met him during his life after work. For the residents of Tokyo, the Hachiko monument is a real symbol of eternal love and devotion, they believe that their love will be just as long and strong if they make dates here. It should be noted that after the Hollywood adaptation of this story, Hachiko fell in love with the whole world, and you probably heard about him.
The Kiss Bridge, St. Petersburg.
Everyone knows that St. Petersburg is a city of bridges. Many of them are superstitious about not kissing or even holding hands, because bridges are being built, so love can also be divorced. But it is strictly recommended to do this on the Kiss Bridge over the Fontanka River. On the day of the wedding or any other day, the couple can come here, kiss for good luck and attach a lock to the bridge, which is already strewn with a little iron railing that bends away from the weight. But people misinterpret the name of the bridge: it is called the Kiss in honor of the merchant Kiss, who owned the nearby pub “Kiss”. However, the belief about kissing is firmly alive in the people, so that its importance has long been paramount.