Metro has found out why evil seems very attractive to us.
Among the audience, the American thriller series “You” with Penn Badgley in the title role is very popular. It tells the story of a successful bookstore manager who meets an aspiring writer and falls in love with her. At first, everything goes well, but then the character “blows the roof”. Using social networks, he learns the smallest details about the girl’s life in order to get as close to her as possible. So falling in love turns into an obsession, dangerous for others.
Of course, many of the main character and his behavior frighten. But there were also those who fell head over heels in love with him. A similar story happened with Professor Severus Snape from “Harry Potter”, the Joker from “Batman”, Hannibal Lecter from “The Silence of the Lambs”.
The audience, as well as the characters themselves, justify evil actions with suffering and a desperate need for love. The growing army of fans even forced the actor Penn Badgley from the TV series “You” to give a speech. He said that his character is a killer, an evil in which there is nothing sexual and attractive.
“We associate bad guys with power, and we think they can protect us,” Karin Gomez, dean of the psychology Department at Columbia University, explains to Metro. – It’s always been like this. Women have always chosen gladiators-the winners of fights. They were the ones who could guarantee stability and healthy offspring. Centuries have passed, and women are still drawn to the force.
However, the expert says, force does not solve everything.

  • Power must be associated with responsibility, respect. If it doesn’t, it won’t work. And don’t think you can change a person. This is a false fantasy, ” the expert adds. – If you do not have enough strength of body and spirit in your life, change yourself. The advice applies to both women and men.
    Four strange couples from famous movies.
    Carrie and Mr. Big “Sex and the City” Carrie Bradshaw stubbornly loves Mr. Big. And this despite the fact that he was never ready to belong to her completely. We are much closer to the Charlotte – Harry couple. He had always treated her well.
    Chuck and Blair “Gossip Girl” are just the perfect couple: the arrogant son of a billionaire who spends his father’s money right and left, without thinking about morality, and a selfish girl who dreams of recognition.
    The Joker and Harley Quinn “Suicide Squad” The relationship between a former psychiatrist and a criminal is interesting to watch. But the idea that the Joker can make love to someone is strange.
    Sandy and Denny “Grease” The leader of the school gang is not the person to show feelings for a new girl, a quiet girl and an excellent student. He tries not to think about their summer romance and torments her with it.